The Advantages of Contactless Thermometers

An infrared thermometer can check your body temperature without touching the body surface. That’s why it’s called a non-contact thermometer. The Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer (NCIT) is a reliable, comfortable and accurate choice for temperature measurement. It is handy for checking fever in children.

When your loved one has a fever, it’s essential to keep their temperature under control. Every household needs a good quality and accurate thermometer like Vedexa Thermometer. However, traditional thermometers can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult to check a child’s temperature.

With growing interest during the COVID 19 pandemic, an infrared thermometer is essential to check the temperature without the risk of infection.

Benefits of NCITs:

Time-Saving: With a simple click, the thermometer reads the temperature in one second, then displays it on the large LCD to avoid waiting for beeps.

Accurate: NCITs provide very accurate temperature measurement compared to traditional thermometers.

Hygiene: Since the non-contact infrared clinical thermometer does not need to touch the skin, it is a more hygienic option than other models. It is easy to clean, disinfect, and valuable in preventing highly contagious and infectious diseases. There is also no need to purchase a probe cover. You can use it instantly from one family member to another. This thermometer is suitable for everyone, especially children. Features like fast and accurate reading make it ideal for babies and young children. Still, any member of the family can easily use it.

Convenience: Convenient features like the backlit display and non-contact factor make this thermometer easy to use. You can scan the temperature of a sleeping child without disturbing them and see the reading even in a dark room. There is also an adjustable alarm feature that you can set to alert you to a high fever.

Cost-effective: Once purchased, the non-contact thermometer can be used for many years without replacement or maintenance. You need to replace the internal battery and keep the usual functions.

How do they work?

An infrared thermometer uses a focal lens to absorb infrared radiation from the human body or object and transmit it to an electronic detector. The electrical signals are then passed to the thermometer’s processor, which evaluates the electrical signal and compares it to a scaled temperature range. This temperature is then displayed on the LCD.

It is vital to keep the NCIT detection area perpendicular to the forehead and ask the person to remain still during the measurement.


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